Here are some of the things I’ve been reflecting on as we move from 2018 to 2019. I don’t do resolutions, but I do take stock and decide what energies I want to welcome in the coming year, and what I want to leave behind. It’s just a day, but it does give us an opportunity to reflect with gratitude (for the good and the bad) and can serve as a marker — a place to choose what you carry and where you are going.

I scratched out some thoughts, and even made my first attempt at hand lettering.

The f*ckups, failures, and defeats — they got you where you are.
Yourself for how far you’ve come. For the hard-won victories. For the mountains you’ve moved one tedious or agonizing pebble at a time. .
The people around you (and tell them out loud).
Any parts of yourself you don’t like. Let them go and leave them in the past. You control who you are. …
Narratives — around yourself or others. Find out what happens when you react, respond and appreciate what IS without any stories attached. .
The biggest, most wonderful life you can possibly imagine, only better. Picture it — be specific and indulgent and rediculous. Then lean into that life. Hard. All year. ..
That there will be bad, awful, no-good days and shitty miserable things that make you want to give up on everything. That’s ok. Have a plan. Push back. If you wake up and get out of bed, you’ve already stayed one dragon. You can do this. .
You are worthy of love. You are enough. The universe is conspiring in your favor.

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