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Can We Stop Laughing Already?

This shit is not funny. It’s dangerous and damaging. And we are fueling it with our attention — even in the form of ridicule, sneers, superiority and memes.

Let’s stop rolling our eyes and confront the terrifying rhetoric — instead of repeating (and thereby desensitizing and perpetuating) it.

This man is a bigot: he is a racist, a homophobe, an ableist, and a misogynist — hell, he’s all the “-ists” (not to mention an accused rapist — which makes his comments about rape while debating the immigration issue nothing short of disgusting).

I am not ok with this man or the fact that he is being given undivided attention by the media and people on all sides of the issues. We live in a society fueled by consumerism on all levels, and if we continue to buy with the currency of our attention — out clicks, our tweets, our hashtags and our likes —  the media will keep selling. Let’s shut the hate down. And let’s focus on what we can be doing to make things better.

(Stop hate. Choose love.)


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