Hi, I’m Christabelle. 


I have stories. 


So I write. To heal my trauma; to change my own narrative. 

I try to dig to the bones and sinews of the stories we tell ourselves and others.
 I unravel and relayer my words to try to show you something I can’t say.
I weave and string and bead and carve out my truth.
I take ugly, hideous facts and laboriously transform them into things of beauty.
It is my act of personal alchemy. 

This site contains some of my writings, projects, and random miscellany. 


With love,

10 Year "Challenge"

10 Year “Challenge”

For the past week our feeds have been filled with the aging challenge, usually marking 10 years. I know I’m ...
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Embody, Friday March 17 at John Doe Gallery

Embody, Friday March 17 at John Doe Gallery

I’ve seen Shani Ha’s captivating sculptures in action before; entitled Embody, the series consists of Ha’s wearable body sculptures paired ...
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A Greeting-Card-Shaped Hole

A Greeting-Card-Shaped Hole

My mom killed herself exactly one week before Mother's Day in 2009. While the situation was complicated to say the least, its ...
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