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Hi, I'm  



I'm a queer witch obsessed with metanoia (transformation) and exploring ways to combine magick, healing, and art as alchemy.


Brooklyn is my home, but the world is my oyster.  When I'm not creating my own little paradise in NYC, I aim to travel as much and as often as possible. I have been to over 24 countries, and always itch to add a new experience to the list.

Salton Sea Sunset

Sneaky photo captured by the lovely Alexandria Boddie

Let's do the time warp

I'm notoriously camera shy, but here are some moments of me  captured through the ages. 

Anatomy of my crest

  1. Phoenix, ultimate embodiment of my mutable fire sign energy and symbol of my life motto "Metanoia Perpetua" which means constant transformation

  2. Sun in Sagittarius

  3. Moon in Scorpio

  4. Taurus Rising

  5. Queer Witch symbol at the base, signifying my true identity

  6. Moon phases in place of garlands

  7. Squeaker in place of crown, because she's the queen of my castle

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