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Works On Paper


you do not do any more black shoe, 2011

Linocut, 5x8

This was my first attempt at linocutting and is still one of my favorite pieces. I didn't realize what I was making until I was finished and lines from Silvia Plath's poem "Daddy" sprung to mind.  As with so much of my art, I realized this piece was about my mother. 

Self Portrait, 2016

Layered typewriter ink on Paper, 8x10

This shaped typewritten piece is comprised of 2 short essays in 3 layers. The essays are reflections of my earliest memories. 


Untitled, 2016 

Linocut, 11x14

I have no idea what this pattern is, but I carved multiple smaller iterations of it before arriving at this. I think it might be images of the inner workings of the brain? No idea lol. But here it is. 

Queer Witch Symbol, 2018

Ink on Paper, 6x4


I designed this queer witch symbol (adapted from something I saw posted by Mercury Hour). It replaces the center full moon with a triangle, and reclaimed queer symbol (more on that history and my thoughts here.)

Queer witch.jpg
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