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A Highlight Darker than Blue

One of the many amazing privileges of living in NYC is the access to just crazy good, totally free art and programing. BRIC is quickly becoming one of my go-to spots for this. So when I was looking for something, I looked to them first and saw:

We Be Darker Than Blue: An Intergenerational Sisterhood Through Artistic Activism featuring an evening of poetry and spoken word from an intergenerational sisterhood of poets: Sonia SanchezMahogany L. BrowneJess X Chen and more.

I knew who Sonia Sanchez was and that’s about it (but was totally reason enough to go).

Oh. My. God.

Sooooooo gooooood!!!! Of course, Sonia was amazing (video below), but Mahogany L. Brown slayed, Jess X Chen may be my new favorite human being, multiple other incredible poets read, and BRIC unveiled a gorgeous mural by Jess X Chen and Chip Thomas based on The Two Fridas that sits in the Cafe area. *swoon*

Mural “We Be Darker Than Blue” by Jess X Chen and Chip Thomas in the Cafe area of BRIC Arts Media

Also, the event ended up being standing room only — which meant I was standing in a room packed with some seriously, mind-bogglingly amazing women. And I got to watch. For free.


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