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Art I Saw in December

Again, too crazy to write individually, so here are the cliff notes:

Art Basel Miami

This was my first year at Art Basel Miami and…wow. You know your first visit to IKEA? It was kind of like that.

List of Shows/Galleries: Perez Musuem, Untitled, Art Basel, Scope, Nada, Wynwood Walls, Rubell Gallery, No Commissions (I may have totally blanked on a few).  Also, lots of parties. 

Anyway, I can’t even call these highlights, more like random snapshots taken in a whirlwind (which is a fitting analogy because of the torrential rain that happened ALL WEEKEND!).

Double Take: Thomas Muller wins because I was stunned by his pieces on two separate occasions. Going through my photos realized I fell in love with the same person in two places…it happens. (Apologies for the terrible angles and reflections)

Loved this gorgeous work by Mariu Palacios at Pulse from Cecilia Gonzalez Arte Contemporaneo

Always a fave: Rodrigo Valenzuela at Untitled

Jenny Holzer at Perez Art Musum (also pictured: Art people)


Rodrigo Valenzuela at Envoy Enterprises

Even though I just saw him at Untitled in Miami, I was so stoked to get to see Rodrigo Valenzuela’s solo exhibit at Envoy Enterprises. Here are a couple shots that don’t do it justice (beautiful ruins indeed):


Shani Ha at Art Helix

(Full disclosure: Shani is one of my favorite humans ever) This phenomenal artists is so actively supportive to everyone around her that it was a rare, genuinely amazing treat to see her own work in the group show SHIM Invitational 1. More please!

(Left) A print of one of the artist’s Body Sculpture pieces (Right) Body Sculpture at rest


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