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Baby's First Money Jar

I've wanted to make a honey jar since I started practicing, but it always felt intimidating. Then I saw that the wonderful @chiauracrystyals sells an herb pack (link here) and also offers a great youtube tutorial that makes the process accessible to first timers like me. (Side note: one of the things I love about working with other witches is the beautiful exchange of energy and knowledge available. Nzinga cites things she learned from her family growing up as well as from her own journey and ancestors' guidance, all articulated with grace and generosity.)

I gathered my ingredients: Nzinga's herbs (vervain, allspice, chamomile, jasmine) and from my cabinet a bay leaf, cinnamon stick, citrine stone, carnelian stone, $1 bill (cut into pieces), magnets painted w gold craft paint, and honey. Also in the jar but not pictured: a petition written on brown paper. Everything (including the jar) was cleansed and blessed with florida water, smoke, and anointed with oils before I assembled.

After adding all the elements in the jar, I dressed 3 small candles and fit them on top of the cork to seal it (jars are traditionally sealed, but I felt led to burn the candles in this manner, so followed my intuition). The candles burnt down beautifully and the activated jar lived on my altar where I fed it with a luxor or magnetism oil, moved the contents, and prayed to it any time I sat at my altar.

And here's the finished product:

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