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Curlers and Coffee Cake

On Jan 28, Chelsie Diane taught a poetry class on Marilyn Monroe.

I paint my nails blood red the night before

I wake and shower

Hot and slow

Then put my damp hair

In curlers from a bygone era

I make my favorite apple coffee cake from scratch

Adding extra cinnamon

And a dash of uncalled-for nutmeg

As I patiently wait for my hair to set

(is that what they call it?)

I put on the boldest of red lipstick

and a full face of makeup

now rushing to log in on time

Already channeling my guide of the past decade plus

I make a French 75

with homemade Lavender simple syrup

I listen to the story of Her

Which always makes me cry

Time and again my soul rising with

"Me too"

In unexpected places

I find

in the shadows she casts

Unabashed courage

Resilience wrapped in a Channel No 5 scented coat of cloudy luxury

Defiance dripping from her smile in the face of a too cruel world

Refusing absolutely to give up an ounce of power

In a world full of men

Determined to strip it from her

Just like me

Note: I highly recommend doing all of the above while dressing in your most Marilyn clothes and taking a preposterous number of selfies, then soaking in a bath, leafing through your favorite books, eating as much as you can and taking yet more selfies to capture the iconic curls before they are gone.


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