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Sister Art Week NYC 2016 Spectacular!

My sis came out for Armory week, so it was art-till-you-drop for days. For the Armory shows we took in (over the course of 48 hours): Pulse, Volta, Scope, Armory, Art On Paper, Independent, and another one I can’t even remember.

At one point we also unwittingly crashed some movie fundraiser at a super-exclusive, members only club. It was one of those NY moments that you just go with, mostly because free wine.) Random moments below:



Two on Two at The Hole

We almost couldn’t drag ourselves out for this, but I’m SO glad we did! Otherwise I never would have had the opportunity to bask in a room full of magnificent and mind-blowing paintings by Palma Blank. My favorite is detailed below:

Studio Visit: Christian Rex van Minnen

We visited one of my sisters’ art connections in Brooklyn and I got to nerd out on artist studios and processes while they talked (which is one of my favorite pastimes). Here is a sneaky photo I took:

Marcel Broodthaers at MoMA

Even though our brains were bleeding art at this point, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the Marcel Broodthaers exhibit at MoMA.

A few highlights below:


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