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Out (4/27)

After 25 days not leaving my apartment building, I went out on April 25, 2020. It was glorious. That’s is me in a makeshift mask I could barely breathe through. It made my mild panic attack at the grocery store challenging lol, but I survived.

I worry that this extreme isolation might damage my already questionable social skills, but here we are. I’ve basically been living deep in my scorpio moon, a dominatrix that staunchly forbids outside contact. Texts go unanswered because the mere thought of responding sends me into a panic. Not metaphorically. Like my chest tightens and I have difficulty breathing and I just…can’t.

As an introvert, it has always taken an exorbitant amount of energy to deal with people, but it’s been amplified to an extreme these days. I guess only time will tell....

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